Publication / Book Design

With massive growth in the self-publishing, print on demand (POD) and digital online publishing industries a startling amount of authors sabotage themselves by not getting professional book cover design.

Your book will be judged by its cover.

Brilliant cover design can mean the difference between a ‘browser’ and a ‘buyer’. Don’t be put off thinking that professional cover design is only for well known published authors – that’s a myth – every self-published book needs a cover design to effortlessly convey the content, genre and entice people to buy.

What can professional book cover design do for you?

  • Inspire and engage with a browser and turn them into a buyer
  • Help promote strong sales
  • Set the tone for the narrative, content and genre
  • Speak for you when you’re not there, telling a buyer how good your book is
  • Give you a consistent and recognizable ‘brand’ for marketing and promotion; Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, book review and ebook sites, can all use the cover design
  • Give the buyer the best first impression you are a serious author
  • Help your book get noticed in the highly competitive market whether selling on Amazon, iBook or in stores – your cover design must speak for itself

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