Bio-Oz eCommerce Shopify site

This is the third iteration of online store for Bio-Oz | Buckwheat Enterprises. We have helped them set up 2 stores in the past, and as their needs and experiences have changed, they are now best suited to the Shopify ecommerce platform.

Sauce Design are your Shopify Partners in Orange NSW

Graphics used on Bio-Oz ecommerce site

Julie and Geoff Brown of Bio-Oz | Buckwheat Enterprises were eager to have the website transfer be as fast and painless as possible, so the design is a customised Shopify template. Aside from setup, we have produced bespoke graphics, art direction for photography, consultation and social media marketing alongside print design for packaging. This holistic approach gives Bio-Oz a consistent brand, and implementing a social media strategy is already seeing a positive result in sales.


Graphics on Bio-Oz

Bio-Oz Sustainable Farmers of Australia