Launching 2016 Orange Civic Theatre subscription season

The design for the 2016 Subscription Season for Orange Civic Theatre has a playful focus. A collage of vintage styled illustrations create a visual manifestation of the Orange Civic Theatre ‘world’ – there is music, drama, whimsy, modern and classic tales, and so much more presen

2013 Subscription Season design for Orange Civic Theatre

The theme for the 2013 Subscription Season revolved around storytelling – ‘let us tell you a story’ became the tagline. Our design uses snippets from texts of varying content, drama, comedy, poetry, as well as a few stage directions and costuming instructions. Clippings were layere

Orange Civic Theatre 2012 Subscription Season launch

As always there was a great turnout for the launch of Orange Civic Theatre’s subscription season. The 2012 Season features some very well renowned artists and there were definite gasps of excitement during the presentation of the upcoming events. A scrolling slideshow of the season events was