Weemala Farm approached us to help out with the new brand identity for their property – a regenerative farm producing beef.

They mentioned their pet and unofficial mascot called SAM, a Speckled Park Steer, who is quite partial to a daily ear scratch.

The logo and brand needed to appeal to a target audience that cares about where the food they eat comes from. And also to reflect the Weemala Farm practices – 3 pillars of Regenerative Organic Farming – which are Soil Health, Animal Welfare, and Social Fairness.


I really would like our logo to convey that we are farmers who care about the planet, and the animals in our care, and we are passionate about farming differently.


Sam became the centrepiece of the brand in a hand-illustrated design, coupled with a textured typeface for an added rustic appeal.

A simple website was also developed as part of the project  – visit site.