The Wearwolf product is a wear monitoring tool for the mining and construction industries. It allows tracking and monitoring the wear rates of machines and components, in order to better plan an schedule maintenance servicing. PJL Group wanted a standalone product logo to help market their product and build brand awareness in the wear monitoring product category.

A complex concept was supplied to us, along with some examples of other product logos and imagery. We stripped down the very literal and complicated idea to a much more simplified and easily recognisable mark.

We used a heavy, strong, hexagonal enclosure. It conveys strength, efficiency, (the best torque in mechanical engineering), load distribution, machinery and tools, etc.  [It’s also perfect for use as an app icon – as it’s equally proportioned]. It’s a modern, innovative, yet timeless shape.

The wolf is watching – monitoring – and sees the fractures / frictions in the machine in front of it. The yellow background symbolises warning, it also suggests headlights / floodlights, as in underground mining machinery – the red eyes say stop – time for maintenance. The typeface is solid, reliable, and familiar to machinery signage. A grey enclosure works on a dark or light background.