My Health Notebook design for PHN

My Health Notebook design for PHN Cover and tab design

My Health Notebook design for PHN - Layout design

Sauce Design was thrilled to work on this important project for Western NSW Primary Health Network – the design and production of a personal health journal. My Health Notebook empowers people to be active participants in their health matters by providing:

  • information to help navigate regional health services;
  • advice on getting the most out of visits to health service providers, including how to ask important questions and how to find credible, trustworthy health information;
  • one convenient place to record information about medications, health, and wellbeing that matters to them.

Requirement: a small (A5) notebook to be used as a convenient tool to record personal health and wellbeing information. The layout contains areas for the user to record medical histories, medication details, and other health notes when visiting health professionals. In case of an acute health issue or emergency, there are relevant contact details in an easy to access area.

The overall design – while keeping within the style guidelines – is friendly and engaging with soft organic shapes, line work, and a warm pastel colour scheme to highlight breakout boxes of text. A flat character style is used for the icons and people.

The project will be developed over a number of phases – this initial pilot phase included the production of a limited print run of 5,000 notebooks.

The final format was an A5+ size wire bound notebook, with section tab dividers, blank notepad sections for recording information, and a double-sided pocket for storing scripts etc. Printed full colour throughout.