Dalzell Contracting needed a logo and came to Sauce Design with a concept that wasn’t quite fully formed. They gave us a rough sketch and explained that they liked the simplicity and strength of the Superman ‘S’ shield, and wanted to incorporate the use of their company initials ‘DC’.

We distilled this idea down to its purest elements. Superman’s ‘S’ shield is actually a family coat of arms (recognition of a family)… and a symbol of hope. A logo is a symbol of recognition for a company, and should have meaning and resonance with that company. We created a strong shape (though not a shield) using the D and C letterforms. This DC mark has connotations of the transport industry such as a heavy truck wheel in motion. There’s a nod to the superhero concept with the wings which give you a sense of strength and reliability. Warm reds and the hint of yellow indicate speed and efficiency.

Logo design for Dalzell Contracting

We supplied a complete logo package with a range of logo file formats for the client to use. Sauce Design also created the business card design and custom consignment books.