A new company – Cirrus Ag – of an existing client (Granular Products) needed a logo design. The new company sells agricultural herbicides to graziers, farmers and rural resellers. Our client had no preconceived ideas about what the logo might look like, and requested our full service logo design.

We presented them with 3 unique logo concepts. One was a quite literal take on the ‘Cirrus’ name, and drew on the wispy cirrus cloud in a big sky image. Another was a more geometric, scientific approach.

The winning concept as shown above is a stylised ‘C’ formed from 4 curved elements, representing earth, crops, sky and clouds. The colours range from greens to blues and evoke sun-drenched fields of tall broadacre crops swaying in the breeze. The typeface is solid [reliable] and italic [forward looking, progressive] and simple [no nonsense].