Andrew and Jannine from Orange Mini Golf had a definite picture in their heads of what they wanted their logo to look like. Sauce helped to translate that to some versatile graphics, suitable for them to use across the new website, online and print coupons, score sheets, flyers, signage and anywhere else they’ll want to add their brand.

The use of the cheerful cartoon ball and the background ‘course’ sets the scene on the full logo. When used as a graphic on it’s own, the golf ball character–along with the thought bubble–spell out ‘OMG!’ which serves as both a declaration of excitement and the initials of the course. The text in itself is designed with a playful graphic twist, and the Antique Olive font has a friendly, fun and informal feel.

If you are in town you should head over and play a few holes at Orange Mini Golf–it’s a blast [especially if you win]!