Why invest time in social media?

why-invest-the-time-in-social-mediaYou simply can’t afford to be a faceless business anymore. Customers and clients live in a connected world – they research products and services online, even if they make a final purchase at a bricks and mortar store. Social media for business is about connecting with your audience in spaces where they already spend their time.

Also, universal search is here. That means Google and other search engines index results from everywhere around the web, including posts on social media. Give your customers as many paths to find you as possible.

Which social platform is best for my business – do I have to use them all?

which-social-platformMaybe, but probably not. Who are your customers? Are you a dentist? You probably don’t have tweetable content several times a day. Your clients may not want to be Instagrammed. But you may have hygiene tips that are suitable for a weekly Facebook post. Do you sell fresh organic produce? Post beautiful Instagram images and updates of what’s in season. Use Pinterest to share recipe ideas. Use the social platform/s that suit your brand and your business.

Social media strategy (or why it’s important to have a plan)

social-media-strategyBefore you start out, you’ll need a digital marketing plan. It should include the whole of your online presence (website, email campaigns, social, etc) and what you want to achieve – better brand awareness? Increased sales? Positive reviews and ratings? Without a plan, you risk using social media like a billboard – speaking at your customers, instead of conversing with them. A one-sided conversation isn’t very interesting.

In the planning stage, you should do some social “listening”. Find out what your customers are saying about your brand, product, or competitors. Get to know their lifestyle and their needs.

Need some help, or just don’t have enough time in the day?

need-some-helpWe can help you plan, set up accounts, and create your style. Contact us to organise a consultation.

Hate hashtags? Loathe likes? Prefer to concentrate on running your day to day business? Out-sauce your digital marketing to Sauce Design. We can put together an ongoing package and do it all for you.