Event or tradeshow, museum and exhibition, signs and signage design

We design pop up banners, pull-up banners and space frames for tradeshows and expos

We can provide graphical solutions starting from simple pull up or roll up banners to the more complex curved or complete wall pop up displays and custom design ‘portable architecture’. And yes, we can source eco-friendly solutions from our suppliers, including low-PVC content graphics and re-usable banner systems. If you’re short on space and production costs, maybe a slideshow graphic may work for you. We can create simple presentation graphics for projection onto surfaces where suitable.



We design interpretive panels and instructional or directional signs for exhibition spaces

  • large or small format graphics
  • interpretive panels for both interior or exterior
  • instructional or directional signs
  • site-specific designs
  • promotional banner designs
  • street banners or signs
  • object labels
  • floor plan layouts and elevations
  • temporary and permanent installations
  • sourcing suppliers and liaising with production
  • scoping and costing production on your behalf

We can also supply you with any supporting promotional collateral you may require.




From small to large format, interior or exterior; we can create mock-ups to make your decision-making easier. A digital mockup can also be applied to a site photo to help you visualise before committing to production. Services we provide include:

  • building signs for interior or exterior
  • billboards, truck skirts
  • large or small format graphics and custom solutions
  • interpretive, instructional, architectural or directional signs
  • street banners or signs
  • visual mock-ups using photos
  • lightbox graphics
  • 3d-signs
  • enamel baked plaques
  • screen printed or etched metallic signs
  • sourcing suppliers, liaising with production
  • production project management and costing on your behalf

There are a few things we DON’T do though…

  • any design modifications that are structural, for this you will need a structural engineers consultation
  • any architectural plans — for this you will need to engage an architect for consultation
  • any production manufacture or building services — we outsource to providers and will assist with liaison and/or project management only.
  • any liaison with LGAs for development application approvals

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