Sponsorship Prospectus design

We’ve worked with Louisa Kiely of Carbon Farmers of Australia for several years now. Sauce Design have created the look, along with websites, print, and digital collateral, for two National Carbon Farming Conferences, and now the event is evolving. It’s becoming the Inaugural Nature-Based Solutions Conference & Expo, and will be held in Brisbane in July of this year.

Carbon Farmers of Australia is now proudly part of BMO Radicle. With this move comes greater opportunity for expansion – and the Nature-Based Solutions Conference will attract even more national and international attention.

We’ve created a look that encapsulates the idea of “think global, act local”; along with many of the topics of conversation at the conference – soil carbon, blue carbon, biodiversity, waterways, vegetation, and increased resilience for farmers. The graphic and logo represent the need for all solutions and the global challenge. The website and collateral incorporate some elements from the previous branding to familiarise the audience.

Sauce have designed the Sponsorship Prospectus, conference website, press ads, email campaigns and newsletters for the conference.

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