We were delighted to work with Young Regional School of Music when they underwent a name change and accompanying rebranding, to Young Regional Conservatorium.

The previous logo was viewed as dull and simplistic with an overused “clip art” treble clef. The school wanted a more sophisticated visual that could easily be applied to a wide range of uses.


The music staff comes alive and flows over the page, loosely forming an ‘R’ and representing the varied landscapes of the Hilltops Region. In graphic terms, it’s ordered and follows a certain structure. Yet it creates an organic shape and a feeling of movement – much like an orchestra. The mark is combined with a classic, sans serif typeface.

We created a detailed style guide so that YRC could brand documents and material in-house. The logomark graphic is an overlaid element that clearly indicates material as ‘part of the family’.

business card design for YRC

Young Regional Conservatorium rebrand by Sauce Design

Signage Your Regional Conservatorium
Young Regional Conservatorium Graphical Elements