Bew Chips' Register- book design front and back cover

Bew Chip’s Register – book design and layout showing front and back cover

Book design and layout for Bew Chip’s Register  – A Chinese Australian remittance register from the Tambaroora and Hill End Goldfield.  This book is an in-depth study and translation of a one-of-a-kind notebook that has survived from the gold rush era by Historian Dr. Juanita Kwok and Translator Ely Finch.

Book Design and Layout:

The brief was to steer well clear of creating anything overtly ‘Chinese’ … especially no ‘Chinese takeaway menu’ fonts. We took our cue from the register itself, and some additional historical documents. We developed a look and feel with subtle line work and touches of red. This is a subtle reference and connection to early Chinese Australian history.

Print specs:

100pp + 4pp cover, full colour throughout
PUR bind and gloss laminated outer cover
Finished Size: 180 mm x 250 mm
Stock: 350gsm Artboard cover, 150gsm Satin text

Bew Chips' Register - book design and layout showing front cover

Bew Chips’ Register – book design and layout showing front cover

Design and layout Bew-Chip-Register book showing inside cover flaps
Bew Chip Register book design content layout of translation section