BiteRiot Logo and brand identity design

Bonny Glenn Fruits approached Sauce Design to brand their premium orchard produce. With a state of the art grading machine and high end export market for premium Australian apples and cherries, the aim was to create a high impact identity that would stand out in the crowded packaging environment, without any trade-off in terms of a finest quality, boutique look and feel.

A long brainstorming session later and we had a shortlist of brand names; a subtle play on words – bite right/bite riot – won the day. BiteRiot! implies great health, great taste, and excellent quality.

Taglines compliment and reinforce the BiteRiot brand:
“our fruit is a… BiteRiot!”

Sauce conceptualised the fruit image for the logo mark, simplifying the apple and/or cherry into a vibrant red container for the logo text. The leaf accent on the name ‘BiteRiot!’ completes the fruit icon.

A unique branded pattern was designed for the packaging of each product – apples and cherries, and a pattern combining the two was developed for the BiteRiot! brand as a whole and for supporting collateral. This pattern was later used as an element in the BiteRiot! website design.

BiteRiot Website template designBiteRiot Blog template designBiteRiot! apple box lid