To “captivate” is to attract and hold the interest and attention of; to charm – what better definition of what Orange Civic Theatre seek to give their patrons than a captivating experience.

Sauce Design were very happy to have the chance to work with Orange Civic Theatre again for the design of their Subscription Season. The design process often involves development of a tagline; this year we played with some ideas of what defines the theatre and what OCT hope to achieve. We linked the dictionary definition of “captivate” with classic book design and a luxurious feel – using recycled laid texture paper stocks, black foil embossing, smooth cream text pages, all presented in a custom folder along with in-house printed accompanying material on matching stock.


A peek-a-boo die-cut window featured on the subscription book. This allowed us to reclaim what would normally be a waste product – the cut out – and by printing the launch invite details on the inside of the cover, the cut out became the invite ticket.



As an alternative to the production of more of the existing banner stands for each show, a poster wall was requested for the foyer. Sauce liaised with local signage suppliers McSigns who produced a beautiful, sleek paneling system. The show graphics were interspersed with pattern used throughout the print collateral to continue the 2014 look and feel. A custom email campaign was also designed to promote the 2014 Schools Program to educators putting together their new year curriculum.

The Subscription Season is now open and can be viewed here on Issuu.com.