Sauce Design is committed to supplying our clients with eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable solutions wherever possible. We have excellent relationships with both local, trade, and national print suppliers, and always strive to offer the greenest solution to suit your budget, specifications, and requirements.

This open dialogue helps eliminate waste due to error or miscommunication and allows us to discuss options for the most efficient and therefore sustainable printing on even the most complex of projects. Not only is this beneficial for the environment, but also for your pocket – which really makes sense.

Our environmental efforts include:

  1. We strongly encourage the use of certified recycled paper stocks, for both coated and uncoated products
  2. If recycled content stock is completely inappropriate or outside budget, we specify carbon neutral stock and stock made from renewable resources
  3. We have a selection of preferred print suppliers with considerable commitment and credentials regarding sustainable practices
  4. Our suppliers use vegetable-based inks as standard, aqueous coatings, and water-based solutions wherever possible, reducing the use of chemicals and solvent-based products and increasing the ability to recycle the end product
  5. Our suppliers reduce their environmental impact without jeopardising the quality of their products
  6. Our suppliers recycle their waste product and components used during the manufacturing process
  7. We minimise the use of hard copy proofs to only where digital will not suffice – reducing waste, time, and courier fees
  8. Where appropriate we print a small disclaimer advising that a product has been printed locally on recycled / sustainable paper stock to encourage others to do the same, and to support our quality suppliers
  9. We encourage our clients to use printed material where appropriate – with alternative electronic or digital media – e.g. sending an e-news company newsletter rather than mailing out hardcopies, or using a targeted e-campaign over a higher waste shotgun approach’ letterbox drop

Our own in-house efforts to be green include:

  1. We reduce, re-use, and recycle wherever possible – especially in our new office fit-out
  2. We minimise heating and air conditioning and open windows / close blinds to help regulate our office temperature
  3. Machines, screens, and all electrical equipment is switched off when not in use
  4. We bring in our lunch and much of it is home-grown, which is good for the wallet, waistline, and the environment
  5. We walk to work and services whenever possible instead of driving
  6. Council waste collection doesn’t provide green bins for businesses in the CBD – so we freeze our green waste, then take it home to add to the green bin/compost/worm farm by turn 🙂